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An official of the Mining School 1794 (Russia)

Reconstruction of the book "The image of the provincial, namestnicheskih, collegiate and all civilian uniforms".

Officer Berg-Collegium 1755 (Russia)

Reconstruction was done on the text of the Decree of 04.10.1755

Officers of the №9 Hussars Kiev His Majesty King Edward VII of the regiment in 1910 (Russia)

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Günther von Schwarzburg (1345)

The Ukrainian Registered Cossacks 1651(Battle of Berestechko)

Reconstruction made by the archaeological expeditions I. K. Svєshnіkova and image sources.

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Drakonarios of the imperil Eskoubitores 565 AD

Reconstruction (Raffaele D'Amato) the descriptions of Corippus and johannes Lydus? and archaeological artefacts of the period .

Kandidatos Semeiophoros Bearing The imperial images 565 AD .

Reconstruction (Raffaele D'Amato) based on the Codex Aureus, Rossano and archaeological fragments of cloth and military eguirment of the era.

The Russian Imperial Guards: Palace Grenadier of 1828.


Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna Hussar Regiment in 1846-1855.